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Hello, I am Neil Sands, thanks for visiting my website. I thought I should tell you a bit about myself.

I was born in Ilford Essex, but have lived in Suffolk for over forty years.

To say I have had a varied background would be an understatement. From getting my first guitar and singing on stage when I was just eight years old, to leaving school at 15 with no qualifications. My first job was a £5 a week messenger boy on the London Stock Exchange, while at the nighttime playing guitar in many local groups during the swinging sixties.

Since then I have been a transport manager, window cleaner, debt collector, sales rep, bouncer, fitness instructor, professional wrestler, publican, stand-up comedian, and for the past twenty years a theatrical producer.

My life has certainly been diverse, with many ups and downs, but unquestionably always exciting and never dull.

My love for reading really started soon after I started work in the city, travelling on the tube every day it not only passed the time, but opened my mind to another world inspired by many great authors.

Since then I have always been an avid reader, be it at home reading every night before I go to sleep, and often well into the night when I cant sleep, and on holidays where it’s almost a book a day, on my trusty Kindle. My favourite genres have always been action crime thrillers, and I must have read thousands over the years.

Often driving back home after a wrestling show in the 1970’s, anywhere from Plymouth to Perth, I would make up plots in my head, and think how I would write them. The idea never went away and back in 2012 I finally sat down to write a book for the first time. In a few weeks I had written the first fifteen thousand words, but work took over again with my touring theatre shows really taking off, so it was put to one side, but never forgotten. I would think about it constantly, and add bits here and there, when I had time.

But then the lockdown happened! A week before the start of a forty date tour, all theatres closed. Dates were rescheduled and then rescheduled again, and as I write this, we still have no idea when we will be able to tour again.

So for all the worry and stress, it has also been a blessing for me, because I have been able to finally finish my first book, and have already started on the second in the series.

Writing has given me a release for any artistic talent I may have, in fact my wife says its kept me sane during lockdown. I realise that I have much to learn as an author, and I will work hard to learn my trade, hopefully with each new book, being better than the last.

I sincerely hope that you can join me from the start of my journey with Time For Justice, and that together we can travel through some exhilarating tales with the rest of the series.

Kindest regards,


Pinewood, Suffolk.

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